STA: How to make remote work more fun?.

Dec 15, 2022

In our fourth Sharpen the axe session, our team discussed various ways to improve employee engagement in the organisation.

Virtual work can be solitary, making remote employees feel disengaged and disconnected much more often than in-office counterparts. Employee engagement activities can increase the sense of belonging within an organisation and improve physical and mental well-being of every employee.

We kicked off the session with a game in which each team member had to share a fun fact about themselves and post it anonymously on the RetroTool board. Also, one team member was instructed to share five random facts that didn't belong to anyone in the group to increase the game's difficulty level. Each team member then took turns to guess who wrote a particular fact.

Here's a sneak peek into the game:


The interactive game session provided the perfect starting point for our discussion on How to make remote work more fun?

Following were the suggestion that the team came up with:


The most voted suggestion was, Being active on our Slack channel.

Besides the most voted suggestion, we reviewed every individual idea and had fruitful discussions on each one. We decided to implement the suggestions, beginning with the most voted one. In the subsequent days, we posted and interacted more on the Slack channel and encouraged everyone to share topics of their interest.

From here, we look forward to taking it one step at a time to contribute towards positive employee engagement activities within the remote work setting.